Matt Baker: Countryfile host reveals one thing he was forced to quit amid rare wife reveal

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker, 42, who announced he will be leaving The One Show last month, has revealed the one thing he had to quit much to his dismay. The small-screen star revealed in an unearthed interview that he was a gymnast-enthusiast during his childhood.

However, Matt admitted that despite his love for gymnastics when he was young, the presenter was forced to quit the sport at the age of 14 after he developed anaemia.

But the TV star revealed he has since returned to gymnastics as it is a great “stress reliever”.

Speaking to the Mirror in 2015, he divulged: “I’m very physical and I have to do two or three good sessions a week or I get really wound up. It’s the best stress reliever.

“I do handstands and backflips at home, I’ve got crash mats, we’ve got a big climbing frame and I’ve got ropes in the trees.”

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Matt admittedly excelled at gymnastics as a child but after his health diagnosis had to give it up due to anaemia – which is often caused by a lack of iron according to the NHS.

The One Show star also revealed how he often spends his downtime when he is not working, as Matt revealed he is a keen painter.

Elsewhere, the Countryfile host made a rare admission about his wife Nicola Mooney, whom he tied the knot with over 15 years ago.

Matt revealed how the childhood sweethearts are able to keep their love alive as he spilled on their romantic getaways.


He added: ”She’s phenomenal, my wife. She’s very patient. People say, ‘How do you fit so much in?’ But in truth, I couldn’t if it wasn’t for her.”

Elsewhere, Matt was recently caught up in an awkward blunder with his co-host Alex Jones on an episode of The One Show earlier this week.

The presenters were chatting to their Death In Paradise guests Ralf Little and Shyko Amos about their roles on the new series of the detective programme which is set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie.

But the conversation swiftly took an awkward turn after Matt brought up birthday celebrations and reaching a new milestone.

British actor Ralf revealed he would soon be celebrating his 40th birthday but the actor admitted he had no intention of marking the occasion.

The One Show host teased that he and Alex had no recollection of their 40th birthdays because it was some time ago.

“Embrace it,” the Countryfile host suggested as he turned to Alex and said: “Enjoy it. We can’t even remember our 40th’s can we?”

Alex fired back: “Speak for yourself, you cheeky so and so. I always say I’m 32.”

The cheeky jibe was met with laughter from both The One Show hosts and their guests Ralf and Shyko.

Countryfile continues tonight on BBC One at 7pm.