Billy Porter Says ‘It’s None Of Your Business’ – To Haters Asking About His Bedroom Life

Billy Porter has been in the headlines several times over the last few months, including when he defended Lil Nas X following his Grammy Win that apparently infuriated Pastor Troy. Moreover, Billy has garnered a reputation for himself as being true and authentic.

Porter has continued to fight for the right to free self-expression, for which he has received considerable praise in the series, Pose. However, it hasn’t come without haters, a report from BET revealed.

Apparently, some people on social media are mad due to his upcoming appearence on the popular children’s show, Sesame Street. Reportedly, Porter will wear his Oscars tuxedo on Sesame Street, and people online are furious due to its supposed suggestibility and insinuations.

A Republican state senator from Arkansas even took to his Facebook account to decry the supposed “radical LGBTQ agenda” facilitated by Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Porter had previously said to Page Six, “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

According to Porter, one of the most interesting things to him when it comes to being a member of the LGBTQ community, is that people are always concerned about what such a person does in their private life, including in, primarily, their bedroom.

Porter declared that it’s none of their business. As it was noted above, Porter was in the media last week when he came out to defend Lil Nas X, who, alongside Billy Ray Cryus, scored his very first Grammy win for their collaborative track, “Old Town Road.”

Echoing the comments of the Arkansas state senator, Pastor Troy, another rapper, claimed the Recording Academy was perpetrating or facilitating an LGBTQ ideology to emasculate and discourage heterosexual men.


During a conversation with TMZ, where they asked what a person could do to fight back against intolerance, Porter explained he was doing it simply by being who he is. In the same interview, Billy shared his thoughts on the hip-hop community, stating that there was a lot of homophobia within it, with Paster Troy’s Lil Nas X comments acting as just one example.

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