I’d argue that United performance is relative to the strength of the league at the time. Arsenal and Chelsea, very strong teams, were within four points of the top.

Speak to players from United who won that Treble and you realise they came so close to missing out.

That FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal in ’99 came down to a Dennis Bergkamp missed penalty. The Champions League final? Two goals at the end. Liverpool might walk the league but to be compared to that great United side of 1999 they have to do the Treble under the same pressures in key games.

That said, Klopp, below right, has a group of players who have hit such a rhythm that they don’t seem to know how to lose.

Their work ethic is beyond anything we have seen. They have a complete balance in a team that is untouchable right now. They have had injuries and have come through unscathed.

The question is what happens when they win the league. They have to recalibrate their goals. Going unbeaten will become a target, but how do you balance that when you have two other competitions to win?

source: express.co.uk


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