The Good Place ending explained: What happened at the end?

5. Judge Gen choose to remain in the Good Place

Judge Gen (Maya Rudolph) decided to stay in the Good Place and enjoy life and TV shows including HBO’s The Leftovers.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about bringing the show to an end, creator Michael Schur explained: “I don’t know that I had any real idea of where we were going to end things [at the beginning].

“It would have been extremely presumptuous of me to write a pilot and say, ‘When this ends four years from now, this would be a good idea.’

“We started talking about the ending in a meaningful way probably in season three. In a very general way, we started imagining where we were heading and extrapolating a little bit.

“I think by the time season three ended, we had a pretty good idea of what would happen.

“We went into season four with that idea, and it didn’t deviate too much. A lot of things on this show unfolded pretty organically, and the ending is one of them.

“We had the idea and then built on it, instead of junking it for some other idea.”

The Good Place is streaming on Netflix now