Steam Store DOWN: Steam Store and Community pages offline

STEAM STORE DOWN – UPDATE ONE: Steam looks to have recovered from the widespread server issues that hit today.

Both the Steam Store and Steam Community pages are accessible once again following an outage that lasted almost two hours.

ORIGINAL: Steam fans have been hit with widespread issues today with the Steam Store and Steam Community pages down amid a major outage.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector registered a major Steam outage today with thousands of Steam users affected.

But while the worst of that outage seems to be over Steam users are still affected by lingering issues.

The main issue being the Steam Store website not working and displaying an error message when PC gamers try to visit it.

The Steam Store website shows an error message that says: “Sorry. The site is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

The Unofficial Steam Status website has been covering the latest Steam server issues.

They have seen an increase in Steam Connection Managers online which suggests Steam is recovering from the height of the server issues.

But the site added that both the Steam Store, Steam Community Steam Web API are down.

As the Steam issues hit users took to social networking site Twitter to report the problems they were encountering.

One posted: “STEAM IS DOOOWN!!!! #Steam #SteamDown”.

Another added: “Steam is down and i dont know what to do anymore”.

And one wrote: “Steam is down. What am I supposed to do now”.

More to follow…