Goose Game's Creators Are Helping Reckon With Australia's Past

Acknowledging that their studio—like everything else in Australia—is built on stolen land, Untitled Goose Game creators House House have pledged to pay “at least 1% of our income” as rent to Indigenous groups.

This is a relatively new thing in Australia, born out of an increasing desire amongst many to fully reckon with the country’s colonial past. Recent years have seen a growing (if still muted) call for the date we celebrate Australia Day—historically January 26—to be shifted, since it commemorates the founding of colonial Australia, something that not only fails to resonate with a more diverse and multicultural society, but which also marks the beginning of over 200 years of abhorrent treatment of Aboriginal peoples.

House House are making the payments via the Pay The Rent scheme, which will see the money donated to three groups: Wurundjeri Tribe Council (House House’s studio is on Wurundjeri land), the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance and Seed Mob, a climate change-focused organisation.