Cabin crew secrets: Flight crew reveal the best seats on board for nervous fliers

Cabin crew fly for a living and tend to have experienced all manner of things on board. Turbulence is one occurrence that often leaves passengers feeling nervous, however for flight crew its just part of the job.

The pilot explained: “Typically toward the middle of the aircraft. I know from experience things are usually more exaggerated from either end.”

He went on to explain that turbulence can’t always be detected, which is why it can sometimes seem to come from nowhere.

However, this doesn’t mean it is anything to worry about.

“Generally we do our best to give y’all the most comfortable ride you can while trying our best to be really or on time,” explains the pilot.

Extreme turbulence is defined as “turbulence in which the aircraft is violently tossed about and is practically impossible to control. It may cause structural damage.”

Experts say that it is very rare that a passenger will experience the latter.

Additionally, airline pilot Patrick Smith recommends passengers think of turbulence in the same way they do “potholes” on a road

“In all honesty, passengers should never worry about turbulence,” he told

“The aircraft is designed to take the stress and strain of turbulence. For example, it’s like designing a car with good enough suspension to drive over a rough surface road with potholes.”