Porsha Williams has been hearing from fans that her daughter looks exactly her Dennis McKinley, and she keeps telling people that this is not true, and the baby girl is twinning with her actually. Check out a photo that Porsha shared of herself since she was just a kid, and you will see that she is twinning with Pilar Jhena, without a doubt.

But with these posts, Porsha triggered a debate in the comments with some fans saying that she looks like PJ and others still claiming that the baby girl looks like her dad.

Someone joked and said: ‘So basically you looked like Dennis when you were younger 🤣🤣🤣 just playing boo,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘No girl… y’all resemble but her daddy is also in that face. Cheers and love!’

A follower said: ‘No ma’am! She looks like her Daddy. You trying too hard!’ and someone else posted this: ‘Boyyyyy she stay with the stank eye🤣😂. Everybody and everything works her nerve, Chy!’

One other commenter wrote: ‘girl you know Pj is Dennis twin. I’m gone let you have this one though,’ and a follower posted this: ‘Y’all look just alike. look like twins I hate being twins with a boy.’

Someone else said: ‘Wow, I used to think she look like her Daddy until this pic you definitely is a mixture of you both,’ and a fan told Porsha what she wanted to hear: ‘Mama’s baby girl too sweet Porsha she looks just like you.’

A follower had a theory and shared it in the comments section: ‘We want them to look like us so bad. 😩😩😩 But daddy got on our last nerve we didn’t even know we had when we were pregnant. It’s all in the baby’s face. But she’ll grow into a gorgeous version of you. Just wait and watch.’


Who do you think PJ looks like more?

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