In view of his 265,000 followers, he wrote: “In case you missed it @SundayBrunchC4. I have a cyst on my vocal chords. Getting removed 3 Feb. I’m not poorly it just makes my voice a bit croaky. Thank you for your concern I’m honestly fine.”(sic)

One person commented: “All the best mate. My wife and I had been concerned. We love the show. Wish you a speedy recovery after the operation.”

Another person added: “I’ve been concerned about you over the past few weeks. Love the programme, but kept saying to my husband, ‘He’s poorly! Listen to his croaky voice!’ Prepping Sunday lunch in the kitchen for my family today and heard you say about it. Ran into conservatory, rewound so I could watch it again.”

Sunday Brunch airs every Sunday on Channel 4 at 9.30am.



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