Officials announced the emergency measure covered all government and private companies but utilities and some other firms such as medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical groups were exempt. They said the ban on operations would be in place until Sunday February 9. All schools and universities should remain closed until Monday February 17.

The order came as Beijing extended the Lunar New Year holidays to Sunday February 2 to strengthen the prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak which has so far claimed 81 lives.

Shanghai Health Commission chiefs confirmed 13 new coronavirus cases today and said one patient was in a critical condition.

Officials said one patient had died from the flu-like virus in the city and 52 were receiving treatment.

BREAKING NEWS:Coronavirus likely to hit UK as medics brace themselves for outbreak

The patients – 29 men and 24 women – range in age from seven to 88-years-old.

Among the patients, 20 have lived in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, 21 have recently travelled to Wuhan and 12 have connections with infected patients.


9.36am update: Germany updates China travel advisory

Germany has become the latest country to warn against all but essential travel to China.

The foreign ministry’s updated travel advisory calls on citizens to consider postponing non-urgent travel to China.

Germans already in China are urged to register on German government crisis preventive list, avoid the province of Hubei, plan for travel restrictions in the area, obey the orders of local security forces and take into consideration the World Health Organisation and Robert-Koch Institute advisories.

9.14am update: More cities in lockdown as coronavirus terror spreads

Officials in the city of Anshun in China’s Guizhou province have ordered the closure of all public venues and cancelled all public events. Anshun has almost 2.5 million residents.

Nearly 60 million people have been affected by partial or full lockdowns in Chinese cities as the country’s government steps up its response.

8.32am update: New coronavirus case confirmed in Australia

A Chinese student who flew into Australia from the stricken city of Wuhan last Wednesday has tested positive for coronavirus and is now in isolation.

Officials from the University of New South Wales in Sydney said the student did not attend any classes and stayed on her own in campus accommodation before being taken to hospital.

The university has set up a helpline for concerned students.

Australia now has five confirmed cases of coronavirus.

8am update: Beijing launched £7bn bid to block pandemic

China’s finance ministry and National Health Commission have extended £6.68bn to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, according to

a statement on the ministry’s website.



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