Sky TV tips and tricks – 7 brilliant hidden features every user must try today

Since it was first launched back in 2015 Sky Q has become the TV service to beat. This premium set-top box offers numerous advantages over its rivals including an easy way to watch telly in other rooms and the option to beam stunning 4K footage straight to your TV.

Sky continues to push out regular updates to its Sky Q box, including more 4K content and the recent addition of Netflix integration, making it now a much more complete package than when it first launched. 

So, if you’ve just treated yourself to Sky Q or need a reminder of just what it can do, here’s our top tips and tricks for this popular service.


Like most modern devices the Sky Q box can spring into action via simple voice commands. As long as you have the main remote in your hands you’ll find a hidden button on its side which instantly launches the voice search functionality.

Once activated you can then ask to find things such as your favourite movies, sporting events or TV shows.

There also an option to instantly change channels by saying things such as “BBC1” or “ITV”.

If you want to get more advanced then there’s plenty more to this feature including skipping recordings by a certain amount of time or asking to see movies that are suitable for kids. With Netflix now integrated into the Sky menu, you can also use voice search to launch the app without trawling through endless menus.

Sky has made huge advancements with its voice search option so give it go see what it can now answer.


This is a life-saver that you might not know. If you want to flick between two of your favourite channels then it’s easy.

Simply press the right button on the circular touch control panel and a menu will appear on the screen showing the last channel you were watching.

You can then skip between the two with ease.


If the big F1 race is on at the same time as main Sunday Premier League kick-off then don’t panic.

Sky Sports offers a brilliant split-screen option allowing two channels to be open on your telly at the same time.

To make this happen simply head to Sky Sports Main Event and press your red button on the remote.

You’ll then get the option to choose which other Sky Sports channel you want to watch and you’ll never miss a goal again.


If you’re enjoying what’s on but fancy checking out the other channels then don’t panic.

Tapping the circle in the middle of the main touch panel will bring up a transparent menu at the bottom of the screen.

From here you can scroll through what’s on whilst your show remains filling the whole of the TV.


The kids are in bed and it’s time to watch the football but the where the hell is the remote?

It’s an issue that’s been around since TVs started including these channel changers. Luckily Sky has a nifty trick to track it down.

If you can’t find the Sky Q remote simply head to the set-top box and press the Q logo that glows on its front.

Your missing device should then start bleeping so you can track it down.


If you have a 4K TV then don’t forget that Sky offers a swathe of content in this ultimate format.

Sports, movies and entertainment are all available in Ultra HD 4K.

The only thing to be aware of is that you’ll to take delivery of the upgraded 2TB Sky box or latest 4K compatible 1TB device as the standard set-top is not compatible.


If you don’t fancy you kids accessing more mature content then it’s easy to block them.

Simply head to settings then switch on Parental Lock.

Once activated, anything that’s unsuitable will need a four digit code before it can viewed.