PS4 surprise update: Freebies galore ahead of February 2020 PlayStation Plus reveal

Gaming fans of a certain age will remember buying video game magazines solely to get their hands on the free demo discs and cassete tapes glued to the front. In the PS4 and Xbox One era, game demos and freebies can be found in the PlayStation Store. The problem is, many of these freebies often go ignored, unless fans really do some digging. Fortunately, Express Online is here to give PS4 owners the lowdown on the latest freebies and game trials to hit the digital storefront.

While it’s a quiet week for new game demos and free-to-play releases, there are still some free items that can be downloaded for some of your favourite games.

This includes a nifty new free download for Monster Hunter World Iceborne owners on PS4.

The MHW:I Special Monster Figure – Grand Appreciation Fest is a brand new figurine players can use to decorate their rooms within the game.

Once you’ve installed the free Monster Hunter Iceborne download – which can be downloaded from this link – players can speak to the in-game housekeeper to decorate their room.

There’s good news for fans of Dauntless, as the Cold Archonite Weapon Pack also hits the PlayStation Store.

Available exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers, the pack contains a new hammer, axe, sword and war pike, not to mention a supply bundle and 50 Ace Chips.

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Hopefully more demos and free-to-play games will join PSN soon, because it’s been a quiet few months for new releases.

Coffee Talk and Flat Heroes are the only two games to receive free demos in January, while Last Labyrinth, Resident Evil 2 and PandaBall all got demos in December.

With games like Zombie Army 4, Two Point Hospital and Dreams coming to PSN soon, there’s potential for some much-improved demos in the next few weeks.

Either way, we miss the days of the mighty demo disc!