Donald Trump savagely mocked online as new Space Force logo looks like Star Trek badge

A number of observers claimed the badge, which features an upwards pointing triangle, looks very similar to that used by ‘Starfleet Command’ in the science fiction TV show Star Trek. Trump announced the new logo on Twitter on Friday evening.

He commented: “After consultation with our great military leaders, designers and others I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force.

“The sixth branch of our magnificent military.”

The logo shows a forked triangle on top of what appears to be a planet, with stars in the background.

It is accompanied by the text: “United States Space Force – Department of the Air Force.”

The new space force was launched by Trump as an independent service on December 20 2019.

Prior to this it existed for 37 years as Air Force Space Command, under US Air Force direction.

The space force is the first new branch of the US armed forces established since 1947.

It is tasked with defending US strategic and commercial interests in space.

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“Do you see what is about to happen here?

“So much more going on behind the scenes than most are preparing for.”

Former CIA operative Jeff Asher added: “They seriously just ripped off the starfleet logo?”

Writer Molly McKew joked: “Look it was inevitable and we could do worse than emulating starfleet to be honest.”

Others satirically questioned whether Trump’s new military arm would become starfleet.

Comedian Anthony Atamanuik tweeted: “Did Donald Trump just create what will become starfleet?”

In the Star Trek TV show starfleet is shown as being in operation by the year 2119.

A new series, ‘Star Trek: Picard’, premiered earlier this week.

It stars British actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who revises his role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The first series of Star Trek debuted in 1966 on US TV network NBC.