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Easycosy long hot water bottles will warm your life.

Available in three styles:

1.Purple Chevron Knitted

2.Grey Snowflake

3.Red Polka Dot

The surface of the liner is design reduces contact area, provides comfortable temperature, and effectively prevents hot, designed to be fragile and effective against burns.

Product parameters:

Length:72 cm

Width:12 cm

Filling port width :2.8 cm

weight:651 g

inner material:Natural rubber

Coat material:Knitted fabric

Product Features:

Safe and explosion-proof:flushing design flush & use, so convenient, there is no leakage of dangerous insulation lasting

The hot water bottle use high quality materials thickened version of rubber, heat resistance to aging,insulation more durable environmental protection

No smell: natural rubber, strong elastic insulation waterproof


1.Do not use boiling water Fill not more than 2/3 full and expel air ensure stopper is securely fixed stopper empty and with stopper removed.

2.Warning-hot water bottles can cause burning avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin.

Practicality: The temperature of the hot water bottle can be kept at least about 3 hours under normal temperature. When it is placed in the bed for ten minutes, the bed will warm. Put it in the quilt and its temperature can be saved all night. Let the hot water bottle warm your winter.
The parameters of Easycosy long hot water bottle: Length-72 cm(28.35 inches) Width-12 cm(4.72 inches) Enlarges the water injection port-2.8cm/1.1inches
Material of our hot water bottle:Liner 2L Pure Natural Rubber,anti-aging, longer lasting insulation,Knitted coat can effectively share the most comfortable temperature with you.
Multi-scenario use:Can be used for warm hands, warm neck, warm waist, warm back and so on. It can provide you with a warm bed after you put the hot water bottle in the bed shortly before going to bed. It is also a perfect gift!
Energy-saving & ustomer service:environmentally friendly and safe, the hot water bottle is water-filled and there is no leakage or leakage.Friendly customer service, if you have any product problems, please feel free to contact us. We provide 18 months warranty service.


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