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Why do you need the anti-radiation sticker?

Nowadays we can’t even imagine our life without our cell phone. It can substitute all other devices, but it can also emit radiation which is harmful for us. After this we are getting exhausted and ill. Thanks to the Protective Sticker we get the opportunity to defense ourselves and our relatives. It helps to overcome dangers that EMF Pro radiation poses. Just try and be ensured that you are in safe thus improving own lives and health.The Ion energy of double-efficacy mobile phone sticker decomposes the deposited waste and stimulates Ions within lithium Ion battery, this can revive the battery of degradation caused by repetitive charging and discharging. EMF Pro double-efficacy mobile phone sticker can rearrange the disordered ions during charging and discharging.

Every day we use modern technologies not thinking about the consequences. Have you ever thought about that your health? EMF protection cell phone will become the invisible killer of this electromagnetic radiation.


Shapes: Hexagon
Size: 28mm.
Box size: 4,72*3,15*0,79 inches (12*8*2 cm)
Material: PET, Silicone

Order our EMF Protection Mobile Phone Sticker just now!COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER DEVICES: This Best EMR Pro Neutralizer can also be used with other devices emitting electro radiations, like walkie-talkies. mobile phones, keyboards, laptops, LCD monitor, digital cameras, MP3 or PC, etc. Anti-radiation, particularly suitable for those who have always using handphones or computers for long hours.
FUNCTIONS: It also allows quick charging and saves 50% of charging time. This sticker resumes the battery capacity and extends the standby time 0.5 – 2 times. In addition, this EMF Pro Shield increases the talking time and old battery can be recovered fast. It can absorb and transfer the electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materials and reduce mobile phone radiation inquiry on the body. Extend the service life of rechargeable battery two or three times.
BATTERY SALVAGE: EMF Pro double-efficacy mobile phone sticker can rearrange the disordered ions during charging and discharging. The deposited waste emerges as used for a certain time which can slow down the flow of ions. It decreases battery volume which in its turn reduces its life span. EMF protection cell phone can resolve the newly generated waste to ensure fluent ion flow. So, the life span of the battery will be lengthened.
EASY TO USE: You just apply the adhesive disk to the back of your phone. Before installing you should clean the back of the phone, and take off the adhesive tape on the back of the patch. Then paste the adhesive side of patch on the back of the mobile phone (near the antenna).


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