T.I. And Tiny Harris See ‘Bad Boys For Life’ And The Rapper Poses With Will Smith – People Also Notice Tip’s Piercing!

T.I. and Tiny Harris just saw the movie ‘Bad Boys For Life’ and the rapper shared a few pics on his social media account just to keep fans updated. People blushed while reading one of Tip’s captions, but they praised Tiny’s beauty.

Someone said this about Tip’s caption: ‘I was gonna like this pic like usual, but I can’t cause of your caption. Lol.’

Another follower posted this: ‘One of my favorite couples!’ and someone else gushed over the couple: ‘Love your African attire king…wish I could send you more…🇳🇬🇳🇬. Love is all over the both of you. What a blessing!!’

Someone else noticed that Tip got a pierce and said: ‘Am I the only one just now noticing t.i.p got that ear pierced,’

Another follower gushed over the couple as well: ‘You two look like a straight power couple!!!!! But that leather is too fierce!!!’

A fan believes that T.I. and Will should team up for a movie together: ‘You and @willsmith need to do a movie where y’all are brothers!!’

One other follower also addressed Tip’s new piercing and said: ‘Tip finally got over his fear of needles and got a piercing. He is gonna be tatted up by next year 😂’

Someone else had a similar observation: ‘I dont think I’ve ever seen @troubleman31 with an earring in very rare if I say so myself.’

In other news, Tip proudly shared a photo featuring himself and his gorgeous wife. They are wearing matching outfits in Nipsey Blue color, and they look stunning.

‘Blue Team Best Dressed @majorgirl Threw that shit on wit me👑 #NipseyBlue @youtube #LeadersandLegendsBall,’ Tip captioned his photo.


Their fans gushed over Tip and Tiny, saying that they are definitely a power couple and showing their excitement to see them together after all the hardships that they have been through over time.

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