Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, became the first R-rated movie to pass £1billion at the box office, and one of few superhero movies from the DC Comics franchise to do so. The film shocked audiences all over the world for its unique take on Batman’s archnemesis, The Joker, and is now is tipped for Oscar success.

Data exclusively shared with suggests, if fans have anything to do with it, Joker could win the biggest prize.

According to stats exclusively shared with by SEMRush, Joker has been high on fans’ priority lists compared to the other movies competing for the title of Best Picture.

Reflected in search from July to November 2019, Joker has had by far the most, gaining an 6,702,000 search actions in just a few short months.

Comparing this to the Golden Globe winning movie 1917, which has had only 192,990, it looks certain that Todd Phillips’ movie is the favourite to take home the prize.

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However, Joker will have some stiff competition from a couple of movies which have so far been big awards contenders – and one of them even took home the other Golden Globe for Best Film.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to old Hollywood, has taken home a number of Oscars already, including Best Film at the Golden Globes, Best Supporting Actor for Brad Pitt and a writing gong for Tarantino himself.

This has gained 4,560,000 searches over that period of time, meaning this film is certainly a close contender for audience affections.

The Irishman, too, is high up on viewers’ lists, with a whopping 2,324,000 searches between July and November, before the film had even arrived in cinemas or on Netflix.

This film saw Martin Scorsese bring back together some of his most famous collaborators: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel.

Of course, Al Pacino also joined them, who surprisingly is a newcomer to working with Scorsese and De Niro despite that seeming rather shocking.

Scorsese received a great deal of coverage around the time of The Irishman’s release for calling Marvel movies “theme park rides,” though this has not stopped his work from receiving a huge number of accolades from various award-giving outlets.

Sadly, however, The Irishman is yet to take home a big award, and no doubt the filmmakers are hoping the Oscars will be their moment.

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Other Best Picture nominees, Ford vs Ferrari (known in the UK as Le Mans 66) Little Women and Jojo Rabbit have had far fewer searches, jumping down to 410,700, 402,100 and 342,200 respectively.

The latter two films, Jojo Rabbit and Little Women, were only released fairly recently in the UK, meaning this could affect the searches around these films at the dates given.

This could also be the case for 1917, which was released only in January 2020, and Marriage Story, which gained 155,600 searches and was released on Netflix at the end of November 2019.

However, a red herring comes in the form of Parasite, which has gained 265,000 searches.

The South Korean movie, which is the first South Korean movie to ever be nominated for an Academy Award, has gained six nominations after its huge success around the world.

The film won the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and has since picked up awards for Best Foreign Language Film in English-speaking awards ceremonies.

However, some are expecting Parasite to be a surprise contender for the Oscar, even though it will not be out in the UK until February 2020.

If the Academy listens to the fans, we already know who will take the top gong, though needless to say, they will likely have their own ideas.

The Oscars take place in Los Angeles on February 9



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