Emma Willis, 43, is currently hosting ITV success The Voice UK. The TV presenter recently opened up about her relationship with husband Matt Willis in a candid interview, revealing she feared he would “never come home” after a night out.

Matt, known from pop punk band Busted, has battled alcohol and drug addiction, riding out his stints in rehab.

The first time he went into rehab was just three months after getting together with Emma.

He was in and out of rehab for three years, finally finding sobriety in 2008.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Emma told how she knew she could not help Matt until he was ready to try and get help himself.

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She said: “I wasn’t going to leave him because he had a problem.

“I wanted to help him, but he had to help himself and I believed he would.”

Matt credits his wife for helping him turn his life around, but Emma said the real hero was the couple’s daughter Isabelle.

She said: “What really changed him was our daughter, Isabelle. Isabelle was his real… Oh God, I’m going to start crying. Isabelle was his real focus.

“Then your relationship progresses and you realise that there is a real issue, and it’s not just a young kid who has got a lot of money very quickly.

“But until he realised it had to change, there’s nothing I could have done. Nothing.”

Emma and Matt married on July 5, 2008, after three years together.

The couple have three children: two daughters born in June 2009 and May 2016, and a son, born in November 2011.

Speaking about parenting, Emma said: “We’ve got the hard bit out the way.

“Social media can be incredibly damaging for impressionable people.

“Had I not been in the world I’m in, I don’t think I’d be on it.

“But [my kids] don’t have it, and they won’t have it until they are of an age where I think they are mentally able to deal with it.

“I keep telling them, ‘Be you, be you, be you. You don’t need make-up, you don’t need to straighten your hair.’”

source: express.co.uk


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