Lizzo is known for her body positivity and the plus-size acclaim singer has no problem showing off her curves. Lizzo loves her body and she isn’t afraid to show it off or twerk in random places (such as an L.A. Lakers’ game) and she was just spotted twerking on the beach. Wearing a gold lame bathing suit by Mary Steph, Lizzo shared photos and a video of herself in the swimwear on her official Instagram account, where she has 7.4 million followers. Lizzo is in Auckland, New Zealand and the photos were taken at Piha beach.

Lizzo wore shades and a matching gold chain necklace, as her hair flowed behind her and its natural curls were seen. She also flaunted her curves in the bathing suit. Lizzo is a role model for many women who aren’t letting society’s standards or beauty expectations determine how she views herself or how she presents herself to others.

Lizzo shared a photo slideshow with two pictures of herself posing on the beach. You may see those photos below.

Lizzo shared a video on her Instagram account as well. In the video, Lizzo is inside and posing in her Mary Steph swimsuit and does a little dance for the camera. She included the following caption.

Currently nominated for… 6 NAACP Image awards | 8 Grammy awards | 6 iHeart music awards | 1 Brit award | AND IVE ALREADY WON! In the words of @saintrecords “black girls are grammys muthafuckaaaaa” 🤩🤩🤩

You may see the video of Lizzo dancing in her bathing suit in the video player below.

Though Lizzo gave fans a look at her bathing suit and time on the beach, it was the paparazzi who got the real footage. Photos and videos of Lizzo with her friends twerking on the beach went viral as well as photos of Lizzo playing in the water and walking on the beach with her friends.

You may see a video of Lizzo twerking on the beach below.

The Daily Mail has a full report of Lizzo on the beach with additional photos. You may see that below.

What do you think about Lizzo’s body positivity and confidence?


Were you surprised to see her twerking on the beach during her time in New Zealand?

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