Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings may now progress to their next stage, as the House of Representatives has voted to send impeachment “articles” to the Senate, setting the stage for a trial. Members of the House have also vowed to investigate claims the former US ambassador to Ukraine was under “surveillance”. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage mocked the US Democrats for their crusade against the President, warning that they would come to “regret” their “obsession” with removing Mr Trump.

He told his LBC listeners: “Breaking news, the US House of Representatives have voted to send impeachment articles to the Senate for President Donald Trump’s trials.

“So this impeachment is going ahead.

“I saw Nancy Pelosi on the tele earlier.

“I think they’re beginning to regret the fact they’ve done this.”

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Mr Farage continued: “The more obsessed, the more time they spend fighting Donald Trump on this impeachment with zero chance of it actually finishing up in the President being removed, they might wonder afterwards whether they might have been better off, the Democrats, spending time getting ready to fight a Presidential election.

“That’s just my thought.”

Mr Trump now faces a trial in the United States Senate.

He has been accused of pressuring Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden, and obstructing Congress.

In the messages, the two disparage the career Democrat and provide updates on her whereabouts in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.

Senior Democrats have since called for an investigation into the messages, with the possibility of prosecution on the cards.

Eliot Engel, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, said the messages were “profoundly alarming”.

He said in a statement: “This unprecedented threat to our diplomats must be thoroughly investigated and, if warranted, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

House Democrats indicated the messages make up the evidence which will go to the Senate during the forthcoming Senate trial for Donald Trump.



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