Nintendo will hold its second January 2020 Direct conference later this afternoon, it has been confirmed.

Dedicated entirely to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the Direct conference takes place on January 16 at 2pm UK time.

“Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai on Thursday 16th January at 2pm (UK time) / 15.00 CET for a roughly 35 minute-long livestream featuring an in-depth look at an upcoming DLC fighter,” Nintendo explains.

Nintendo will unveil the new fighter during the January 16 Direct, and may possibly reveal more about a second Fighters Pass with a brand new roster of characters.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct by visiting the Nintendo YouTube channel, or by checking back at 2pm GMT for the video reveal.

Of course, it’s possible the identity of the next character has already been revealed courtesy of leaks.

The new fighter will join Fatal Fury mainstay Terry Bogard, as well as Joker from the Persona series, Hero from various Dragon Quest games, and Banjo & Kazooie.

Piranha Plant also launched as DLC, although not as part of the Fighters Pass.

If the reports are anything to go by, then Dante from Devil May Cry could end up joining the roster.

The rumours emerged following a spate of recent tweets over on the Devil May Cry Twitter page.

The Devil May Cry Twitter told fans to mark January 16 in the diary, which is the same day as the January 2020 Direct.

February 13 is also mentioned, which could end up being the release date for the new character itself.

In the run up to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Express Online carried out its own poll.

According to Express readers, Waluigi is favourite to join the roster, followed by Crash Bandicoot and Master Chief.

You can see the results of the poll below.

The Super Smash Bros Fighters Pass 5 poll results in full…

• Waluigi – 1,693 votes

• Crash Bandicoot – 685 votes

• Master Chief – 502 votes

• Minecraft’s Steve – 498 votes

• Phoenix Wright – 463 votes

• Doomguy – 407 votes

• Shovel Knight – 245 votes

• Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa – 230 votes

• Tracer from Overwatch – 191 votes

• Captain Toad – 157 votes

• Solaire (Dark Souls) – 151 votes

• Dr. Kawashima – 55 votes



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