“Lets reiterate, Kawhi scored 43 in three and took the fourth quarter off and LeBron scored only 17 through three quarters and then 14 in the fourth quarter while Kawhi scored 17 in just the third quarter and said, ‘nope, I’m done for the night. I take the fourth quarter off’.

“The Clippers won their game against the Cavaliers by 25 points. The Lakers won their game against the Cavaliers by 29.

“But this was yet another glaring example of why LeBron at age 35, year 17, is wasting so much energy and risking energy in order to pile up points in fourth quarters of blowout games.

“This is what I call load-miss-management on LeBron’s part because he’s at least as concerned about setting all-time scoring records as he is about winning this year’s championship, which Kawhi has his eye on the bigger prize because as he said after the game, you’ve got to have fun right now because it is a marathon not the sprint that LeBron keeps running.”

source: express.co.uk


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