Much has been written about Elvis Presley, but his ex-wife Priscilla has said there are some facts she keeps for herself from their private life. Nevertheless, during the King’s 85th birthday celebrations at Graceland last week, the 74-year-old shared a story she says was previously not public. Speaking at a Q&A, Priscilla spoke of an ultimatum telegraph from Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Priscilla, who had been dating Elvis aged just 14 during his military service in Europe, said: “I have a telegram that he gave me, I’ve never shared this before really.

“A telegram, when he left [Germany], [detailed] what he was up against with Colonel Parker if he was dating anyone.

“[It] warned Elvis that if he has a girlfriend that fans will not be there for him, basically – I’m paraphrasing this.

“And he showed it to me and said, ‘This is what I’m up against.’”

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She continued: “I never ever said, ‘Can I come, can you let me come?’, I was never that girl, I was very reserved.

“He’s the one who told me he wanted to see me.

“And my dad had to talk to him. I was going to stay with Vernon [Presley, Elvis’ father.]

“It was not that easy, but the stories out there that I wanted to come to Graceland…it was never that way round.”

Priscilla explained: “It was Elvis making the phone calls…I didn’t know when he was going to call. It could be three months, it could be a couple of months, it could be maybe four months.

“Again, he was also busy too. And back in the day, the telephone calls went through an operator, so it would take a few hours before we got the call. [My father] wanted to know his intentions. I mean, he didn’t want me hurt.”

“And Elvis said he cared very much about me…and that he had plans for me. There’s all these stories out there that my dad forced him to marry me.

“I mean it makes me sick when I read that, because that’s not true.”



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