Cruise holidays are growing in popularity every year as they attract a wider audience. One benefit of cruises is that you can generally take more luggage onboard than on flights. However, holidaymakers still need to be careful with what they pack in their baggage.

“They may look sexy; but do you really want to be wearing a cast?” he wrote.

“Don’t forget that cruise ships are at the mercy of ocean waves.

“It’s challenging enough to walk with [high heels] on dry land.

“Unless you like walking around looking like a drunk chicken or enjoy tripping over your own feet opt for a flatter-soled shoe.”


The cruising expert shared his recommendations on the shoes you should pack for a cruise holiday.

Steward advocated packing waterproof flip flops or sandals.

“Ensure that you pack waterproof flip-flops or sandals for handing out by the pool or beach,” he said.

“They won’t be well-suited for a hike through the jungle.

“However they’re a great lightweight deck shoe when on board.”

Steward went into detail about the importance of suitable footwear and looking after your feet.

“Comfy walking shoes are great for exploring and sight-seeing during port of calls,” he wrote.

“A cushioned, supportive shoe should even allow you to enjoy more remote locations where there might be some wonderful hiking trails.

“Those sexy sandals probably looks great. However, after a day of exploring you’ll wish you were wearing a more comfortable alternative.

“Or, wishing you were back on ship resting those tired puppies while sipping on your favourite foo-foo drink.”

As for knowing how much clothing will be enough, Randall suggests: “For a seven-day cruise pack no more than three or four standard outfits for day-to-day use, plus one formal (business casual) outfit.

“You’ll also want enough of the basics from which to build your cruise wardrobe.”

Moving away from clothes, one unlikely item you should pack in your luggage is a highlighter, claims Stewart.

He explained: “Every evening the next day’s onboard activities will be printed and delivered to your cabin. 

“Use a couple of coloured highlighters to mark out your plans on your daily guide so you don’t miss anything.

“This is an easy way to identify activities that you would like to participate in while onboar



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