Tyson Fury insists Anthony Joshua “hasn’t got the nuts” to follow through with his offer to help his compatriot spar for his rematch with Deontay Wilder. The ‘Gypsy King’ takes on Wilder in a rematch on February 22 in Las Vegas.

The second showdown between the two heavyweights comes 18 months after their first bout in Los Angeles, which was scored a controversial draw.

And last month, Joshua offered to meet up with Fury in his pre-fight training camp and help him prepare him for the fight.

He told Sky Sports: “I think Tyson would fight me quicker than Wilder would. Fury if you need me for sparring…

“I sparred Tyson Fury when we were kids. I’ll go out to America and spar Tyson Fury to get him ready for this Wilder fight.”

Fury responded within hours, saying on his Instagram story: “I’ve just seen the video of Joshua on Sky Sports saying he’d love to come and help me in camp and that I’d fight him quicker than Wilder, that’s for sure.

“When I beat Wilder I will fight you AJ, no problem. I’d love to have you in camp, mush. Really, really love to have you in camp workout for this fight and give Deontay Wilder a proper beating.

“I’d love to, I hope you mean it because I’ve love to have you in training camp with me. Thanks very much by the way and well done in your last fight. Congratulations and fair play.”

Despite admitting he says things he later regrets, Joshua then doubled down on his comments and said: “Sparring Fury is only going to do me good, in my opinion. So I’m never too big for my boots where I can’t learn anymore.

“So that opportunity, for me to spar Fury, is for my own benefit as well.”

But that cordialness appears now to have dissipated, with Fury taking a swipe at his fellow British boxer on Monday.

The unbeaten 31-year-old went face-to-face with Wilder in a news conference to promote the clash.

And speaking afterwards, asked by a huddle of journalists if sparring with ‘AJ’ was still a possibility, Fury said: “I don’t think it’s possible because he hasn’t got the nuts to turn up. It is what it is.”

Wilder recently responded angrily about any suggestion Fury and Joshua could combine to help get the former get the better of the ‘Bronze Bomber’.

He told TheBoxingVoice: “I saw it. Look at those b**ches, that’s what I said, they’re all some b**ches. Who tries to team up on someone, you know?

“You say you’re the best, I say I’m the best, now you motherf***ers are trying to team up with each other. I guess it’s UK vs USA.

“It builds my confidence up, it allows me to hold my chest out and lift my head up a little bit more higher and walk through the room like I’m the man.

“When I see guys double teaming and trying to help each other out like that when the world’s trying to see who is the best out of the heavyweight division, it makes me feel good.

“So hopefully those guys get to work with each other and come up with a master plan to beat the impossible.

“I don’t think there’s a heavyweight in the division that’s got no type of plan, I don’t care what trainer they bring aboard or have in their camp.

“I’m one of my kind, the first of my kind. And people just have to deal with it, face of it, understand and look at the beauty inside of my craft which I display to the world.”

Fury has been sparring with British duo George Fox and David Adeleye and American Jared Anderson.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn, meanwhile, told iFL TV before Christmas that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Fury and Joshua spar each other though seemed to cast doubt on the idea.

“It’s going to be interesting with AJ’s schedule,” he said on the possibility of his fighter flying out to the United States.

“When I saw that I thought, ‘how’re you going to do that?!’ [But] I wouldn’t be surprised. 

“Now he’s said it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up flying out there and doing some rounds. It’s a weird one.”

source: express.co.uk


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