Jonathan Hanson, 36, from Sheffield, has discovered a brilliant money-saving secret that helped him secure a £30 food shop for just £3.09 from his local Morrisons store.

He said: “Usually the Morrisons bags are stuffed with vegetables, always worth well over £10, however, this time I felt I hit the jackpot.

“My bag contained two kilos of fresh chicken breast, a large top brand ham, sausage rolls, pork pies, mini pasties, chicken kievs, pasties, humous, quiches, and savoury eggs.”

After this incredible result, Jonathan headed back again, writing: “Two more boxes collected today, again both good hauls. Some things dated well into the year too!”

He continued: “I always enjoy the surprise of what we get, as does my seven-year-old daughter.

“I love to use the Too Good To Go app as not only do I get a bargain, but I also save wasted food and get to try things I may not otherwise choose to buy.”

So far, Jonathan has managed to purchase three boxes from Morrisons.

The food is all close to expiry but customers can freeze it, or cook something up and keep it for a few days more.

Since Morrisons signed up to the scheme, there have been many reports of delighted shoppers bagging food boxes filled to the brim.

One fan of Too Good To Go took to Twitter to express their fondness of the app, they wrote online: “The concoction of different foods I’ve had today is great. Can’t wait till I finally get the Too Good To Go Morrison’s box to see what else I can come up with ”

Whilst a second fan urged her Twitter followers to download the app to gain access to the deals also: “Go on the too good to go app if you shop in Morrisons- a huge box of stuff for about £3 including veggies, fruit and bakery stuff!”

A third fan took to Twitter to share what they received from using the app: “Okay so we downloaded the Too Good To Go app & got a Morrisons box for just £3! We got: Cheeses,Celery, Cabbage, Mince Pies, Cake Slices, Corn, Bananas, Dwarf Beans, Carrots, Peppers, Donuts, Tomatoes, Bread, Mini Baguette, Choc Chip Brioches, and Brioche Buns.”

A fourth shared a link to download the app, and wrote online: FYI found this out today and thought it was amazing. Can get a whole box of Morrison’s food for £3 on the app too good to go!”



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