Melania Trump and US President Donald Trump walked on to the football field where they stood at attention as the National Anthem was played. After the president took the First Lady’s hand, she pulled it away, leaving him to adjust his jacket and smile as she stood stone-faced. They later held hands again exiting the field.

But the awkward moment was caught by social media users who commented on the interaction.

One wrote on Twitter: “She appears to pull hers away. He fixes his jacket as a gesture to reestablish control of his own hands.”

Another added: “I think she dug her fingernails into his hand.”

A third said: “She pulled her hand away. She can’t stand him either.”

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But some defended the awkward moment explaining a potential reason behind it.

one Twitter user said: “Probably because the Star Spangled Banner started.”

Another added: “I knew someone will focus on that. He also grabbed her hand that way. All good.”

It comes as a First Lady expert explained why Melania “never smiles” while with Donald.

“She was not a faker- not then, not during the campaign, and not as first lady.

“The number of times people ask me, ‘what’s wrong with her? Why does she look so angry?’ when they see her unsmiling, standing next to Trump as he stops to talk to the press on his way to the helicopter is a lot.

“What most people don’t understand is Melania’s heritage and country in which she was born.

“In Slovenia, smiling a nongenuine smile isn’t really a thing.”



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