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The Sinking City, Trails of Cold Steel 1, Terminator Resistance, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, WRC8, Metro Exodus, Sniper Elite, The Alliance Alive,

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  1. I recently found your wonderful channel via your "Sniper Elite V-2 Remastered" review & agree as I've been playing the new version again from my old 360 one, it is under-rated & worth experiencing! I also praised the first "Rage" on my own YT channel as it was built on championing under-rated games often overlooked by the jaded main stream reviewers, the 2nd is quite different but just as rewarding. You would enjoy the last "Sniper Ghost Warrior 3" game if you dig "Contracts", quite good. You should check out the first "Dirt Rally" game of a couple years ago if you enjoyed this current rally game shown here, it's the "Demon Souls" of racing games but quite satisfying. Thanks for your list here Joe, I enjoyed your enticing review of each game & added a few to my buy-list, terrific points made!

  2. Days Gone is the prettiest PS4 exclusive and one of the best looking Unreal Engine 4 games I've seen this generation imo. It's odd though because it's a very detailed yet unpolished game. Like Deacon's character model, the shaders, the lighting, the foliage, the volumetric fog and particle effects ahhh just a very gorgeous game. Although even now after a few patches there's still a few bugs and glitches although most of the frame rate dips have been ironed out. And there's a few gameplay gripes that were annoying, like how you couldn't swim and the stealth not being all that good. The hoardes really did make the game and there was always something to do but it never got too overwhelming and exploring Oregon and drifting on muddy roads in the rain was always fun! Other open world games have gotten away with worse bugs and glitches that people seem to just turn a blind eye to for some reason cough Witcher 3 cough but yet this game got bashed hard for them, mainstream reviewers need some consistency because there's a lot of hypocrisy. Sam Witwer deserved more recognition as Deacon, his performance carried the game as well as his interactions with the rest of the cast and how the story beats came together nicely at the end. Not the most amazing story but for sure a very solid narrative with an even better surprise at the end.

    I really want to play Concrete Genie and I like the look of Metro Exodus a more open not as railroaded (lol) Metro Game is what I've been wanting.

    Thanks for actually playing the games you review, many youtube reviewers let their biases get in their way or simply want to bait for the sake of controversy and ad revenue but you actually know what you're talking about and it shows, unlike others who play the game for an hour, cherry pick glitches and pass it off as a legitimate review that the game is irredeemable garbage. Thank you.

  3. Great video, Joe! You gave me some ideas on new games to check out. Also, I totally agree with you on Rage 2. I loved playing that game, but I know it could've been a lot better in places. Here's hoping the devs take what theyve learned and get us Rage 3 where the story and world are on par with the high quality gunplay.

  4. Days Gone & the RE2 remake – METRO is def up there along with Control and Fallen Order…But I could keep going back to Days Gone like I do the Long Dark 🙂 – The Sinking City on the other hand I found SUPER boring and couldn't wait to finish it! lol

  5. I feel like Days Gone should've been released on PC…(it felt like Mad Max,but fps was horrible on my friend's ps4…)

    mine two: Metro Exodus and SGW Contracts

    The sinking city is not for everyone just like Rage 2(that blocked fun behind huge grind wall in the beginning..10 hours to upgrade your character more or less it is too much)

    Heat and SE V2 were garbage)


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