Bond 25: 'World's BIGGEST female star doing theme song – video in Italy' Guess who?

Forget dying, there’s no time to waste. Bond 25 hits the screen worldwide on April 3. The main theme tune is always a big deal and recently pulled in major names like Adele and Sam Smith with Skyfall and Writing’s On The Wall, respectively. There was major buzz online recently when a superstar posted a huge hint, while an Italian newspaper says the video will start shooting there next week.

Could the world’s biggest female superstar really be about to blow the roof off Bond?

America new sites like CNN just picked up on the rumours buzzing after a very suggestive image of Beyonce emerges from the Golden Globes while Italian newspapers have added in some huge new information.

Queen Bey rarely does anything without intention and fans immediately spotted the similarity to her famous teaser for the album Lemonade.

Is Beyonce preparing to leave us all shaken and stirred?

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The image in question shows Beyonce communing with a large martini, with her nose pressed up against the glass.

Obviously, it’s Bond’s iconic drink of choice.

She did exactly the same with a lemon, just before revealing her 2016 album.

Not only that, but local newspapers in Italy are reporting that her husband Jay-Z is already in Matera scouting locations for the video.

The Sassi di Matera are the two famous districts (Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano) of the Italian city of Matera, in the region of Basilicata.

They are known worldwide for their extraordinary number of stone cave dwellings carved into the hillside.

These date back all the way to the first humans in the Old Stone Age, up to nine thousand years ago.

Sassi was granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 1993 and Matera is currently one of the 2019 European Capitals of Culture.

Beyonce would obviously be a strong choice to sing the Bond 25 theme but purists might dispute her picture clue since her martini has olives in it, which James would never do…

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran’s fans had been hoping the British star had the gig in the bag. Late last year the Sunday Mirror reported Daniel Craig was pushing for Sheeran, influenced by his eldest daughter, who he had in 1992 with first wife Fiona Loudon.

It said: “Daniel was introduced to Ed’s music by his daughter Ella. She loves Ed, and Daniel now really likes his stuff too and wants Ed for the theme tune.”