Linda Robson: ‘I was having a meltdown’ Loose Women star in emotional health admission

She explained: “I was waking up every day and thinking I’m not going to make it through the day, how am I going to make it through the day?

“The medication was making me hyper. Instead of it calming me down, then I started drinking again, and not wine, I was drinking anything just to black out because I just didn’t want to be to facing the day… I didn’t want to face getting through the day.”

Her difficult time eventually resulted in a police visit, but that she has now turned a corner and is no longer drinking alcohol:

“Yeah they were called. Because I was drinking, they [the family] were locking me in, so I couldn’t get out and then I was shouting through the door, ‘Someone let me out!’ And then the police were called because they thought I’d been kidnapped. That was my family trying to keep myself. Now, touch wood, I’m off the alcohol completely.”

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