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Looks like an old Amazon Echo Plus, doesn’t it?

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Razer’s not a big name in routers, but it certainly is in gaming hardware, and it launched its first wireless mesh gaming router, the Sila, at the end of 2018. So now that everyone’s pushing 5G as the path to making cloud gaming a mainstream reality, it makes sense for Razer to get into the game a little sooner. And so it has, unveiling its Sila 5G Home Router concept at CES 2020, which doubles as a stationary 5G-based home mesh router and a mobile 5G hotspot.

Razer Kishi

The 5G version incorporates the FasTrack engine of the Sila, which dynamically optimizes network prioritization to sustain low latency and high bandwidth for gaming; the Sila 5G can differentiate among different gaming systems, such as console or PC, as well as lock in bandwidth for online play and address some of the unique challenges posed by cloud gaming. Like most good routers these days, you can control its settings via a mobile app.

The company developed the Sila 5G in conjunction with the Singaporean government and a telecom company there — Razer is based in Singapore — and sadly has no plans at the moment to offer the device outside of the country.

Originally published Jan. 7.

source: cnet.com