Ylands Game Gameplay and Review 2019 – PC STEAM Free to Play

Ylands !!! A free to play game on pc steam launched in 2019 that we go fingers deep into its first ten minutes of gameplay and review the game based solely on that! Its a wild ride here in the world of gaming but were here to help fill the void of games you didnt realize were out there or free! Enjoy The game Ylands gameplay and Ylands review

This is a clip snippet from The Stillwinter Nation our daily talk show live stream that is usually 7-15 minutes in length as we feel you should enjoy a game within that time frame and not have to grind 10 hours of gameplay just to begin happy time! The Review at the end is just meant to review the game BASED off the first 10 minutes of gameplay and not the game in its entirety.

Most games that we play and review as of right now are from PC STEAM and are usually Free to Play because of current budgets. Very not so frequently can we review the pay to play games, at least at this current point in time!

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Ylands Game Gameplay and Review 2019 – PC STEAM Free to Play