The Gentlemen box office: How much has Guy Ritchie’s new movie The Gentlemen made?

Guy Ritchie’s latest film brings a touch of America to the UK, with Matthew McConaughey in the main role. The film is another gangster crime film, which is back to Ritchie’s roots after he made a couple of films away from the genre: King Arthur and Aladdin. While his movie has only had its release in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand, how much has it made so far?

How much has The Gentlemen made in the cinemas?

So far, the film has made a fairly small amount of money, with it banking just $7.6million (£5.8million.)

At the moment, it has not had a wide release, meaning it is hard to know whether the film has been a success.

In the USA the film will be released on January 24, alongside many other large territories such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

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The movie will continue being released throughout February across the world, though fans in Argentina and Italy will not be able to see the film until March and May respectively.

The budget for the film has not been reported, meaning it may be that this film is on budget despite its fairly small returns thus far.

However, given that most of Ritchie’s crime comedies have averaged a budget of around $10million (£7.6million,) and his more recent films, though they have been more special-effects drive, have cost more like $100million (£76million) each.

As a result, it seems unlikely the film’s current takings will have meant they have equalled the budget.

With the bankable star of Matthew McConaughey and the USA release still to come, however, this film is likely to make exactly what it needs to keep its studio happy.

Who is in the cast of The Gentlemen?

The Gentlemen stars Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Pearson, an American with an enviable marijuana empire whose decision to leave the business triggers schemes from all over London to try and oust him.

Charlie Hunnam is Raymond, Mickey’s closest confidante and employee, while Michelle Dockery plays Mickey’s wife, Rosalind.

Henry Golding is Dry Eye, an up and coming gangster, while Jeremy Strong plays Matthew Berger, a potential buyer for Mickey’s business.

Eddie Marsan is Mike, Colin Farrell plays Coach, whose young lads find themselves inexplicably mixed up in Mickey’s business, and Hugh Grant is the sleazy paparazzi and gotcha reporter Fletcher.

Rapper Bugzy Malone also features in the film as one of Coach’s boxers who gets accidentally entangled in the business of Mickey’s marijuana deal, along with a group of his mates.

With such a huge number of stars in the film, it’s likely US gangster movie fans will love it.

The Gentlemen is in cinemas now