Freddie Mercury: The beautiful HEARTBREAKING reason Mary Austin was so special

Freddie Mercury was the great performer. The Queen frontman and legendary exhibitionist was also the Great Pretender. Few ever saw the real man behind the show. Fewer still were allowed to share his most intimate thoughts and feelings. Even his Queen bandmates admitted there was always a part of Freddie he kept back. There was no doubt Mary was one of the very few who saw and shared it all. But why? 

In a recent Channel 5 documentary, Freddie Mercury: A Christmas Story, some of the star’s closest friends spoke about the Queen frontman and his unique bond with Mary.

Actor and friend Yasmine Pettigrew said: “She stuck by him and he stuck by her. You put your life in your hands if you tried to come between them, that’s for sure. Everyone knew that. They had a bond which people who are together forever have.”

Another friend, Peter Straker added: “They were very close. I knew from Freddie that, whatever happened, Mary was there and she would always be there, regardless.”

But another comment got to the heart of their connection.

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Cleo Rocos said: “There was something there beyond anything to do with fame, it was a core meeting of souls and people and I think that was very important.

“He was never going to be alone with Mary there.”

This was at the core of everything.

Even though he was. at heart, intensely private and shy, Freddie also felt intensely lonely much of the time, as the following emotional comments from him reveal.

“You see loneliness doesn’t just mean shut off in a room by yourself., it can be that you’re in a crowded area but still be the loneliest person, and that’s the most hurtful thing.”

But in Mary, Freddie had found someone who he could always trust to see him: “I can only name one really dear person wh I can actually open up to and feel really happy with…

“I might have ll the problem in the world, but I have Mary and that gets me through.”

Freddie and Mary’s bond meant he was never truly on his own. Even after they separated, they constantly saw each other and spoke on the phone. Mary can be seen at every major party, concert and celebration, ensuring that Freddie never felt lonely even in the biggest of crowds.

In the end, the Queen star also built a family around him at his West Kensington home, including his partner Jim Hutton, ex-boyfriend and live-in chef Joe Fanelli and long-term PA Peter Freestone.

Most importantly, when he needed them, this ‘inner circle’, as well as Mary, were there to look after him in his final days and make sure he was never alone.