F45 training UK review: From weight loss to muscle gain – can you tone up in just 8 weeks?

F45 training challenge: Weeks three and four

As week three got underway, F45 had become something of a routine. That said, with resistance training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and cardio falling on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I was six sessions into the challenge and still yet to attend a Tuesday or Thursday class. Having told V that my aim was to strengthen up, it’s something she reminded me during her regular catch up texts on the Monday – offering me plenty of support and encouragement to get me lifting some weights.

The following day I signed up for MKatz, an 18-station resistance work out. The session concluded with a two-minute plank. What’s more, I was in full view of the two coaches who were enforcing a “burpees for everyone” rule for those who dropped to the floor. It sounded like tough love, but they were offering a switch to a side plank if things got too intense. Their instructions to push ourselves worked though, and I kept my mind preoccupied as I maintained the plank.

Week four rolled around, and my schedule allowed for attending four sessions – including an hour-long workout at the Cannon Street studio on Saturday. Not even a month into the challenge, and I was beginning to have increased control in my press ups – able to do a half press up with ease. Despite the abundance of planks I had been doing, I’d got the F45 feeling. In fact, I realised I was really enjoying the – often sweaty – workouts.

F45 training challenge: Weeks five and six

Week four drew to a close, and a change in my schedule meant I could make it to a class before work. Sacrificing the rare weekday lie in beyond 7am which I would have otherwise had, I made it down to a morning session of Abacus.My body had been recovering from an intense hour-long Hollywood class two days ago, but I was feeling back to full strength. I also caught up with the Head of Accountability, V. V texted me each week, and she was keen to check how I was getting on so far. Catching up half-way through the challenge, I was delighted to fill her in on how, four weeks on, I was now able to do a half press up.

She also arranged for me to get a mid-challenge scan – which revealed I’d gained a kilogram of muscle since getting started.

In week five, I was heading away for several days – but had planned to pack in two sessions on the weekend. Or so I thought. V remembered my plea to tone up from my first scan, and having checked to see what free time I would have during my trip, she soon informed me that she’d be sending me two weight training workouts to follow while I was away.

Christmas festivities were looming in week six, but two weights sessions and a cardio-based class had become part of my weekly routine.

No two workouts were the same, and depending on what exercises were involved, I found them of varying difficulty. What didn’t change though, was the exhilarating feeling I’d experience post-workout. Even better, with a hectic schedule, the whole session had only taken 45 minutes out of my day.

source: express.co.uk