Now Christmas Day is over, many Christians around the world are waiting for Epiphany. But before Epiphany comes Twelfth Night, and some Christians commemorate these events on slightly different dates.

When is the Twelfth Night?

For the Church of England, Christmas begins officially on December 25 and the Twelfth Night marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas.

According to the Church of England, the Twelfth Night falls on January 5, as this is exactly 12 days from December 25.

However, some churches dispute this date.

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The word ‘Epiphany’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to reveal’, as it is when the baby Jesus was ‘revealed’ to the world.

The date is an incredibly significant event in the Christian calendar, and Eastern Orthodox Christians actually celebrate Christmas on Epiphany.

Up until the 19th century, the Epiphany was considered more important to Christians than Christmas Day.

This year, Epiphany falls on Monday, January 6.



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