Daily horoscope for January 4: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturday, January 4 sees only shift affect your horoscope. The start of the decade’s first weekend sees an Ingression of the Moon.

In astrology, an Ingression is said of the entry of any orbital body into a zodiac sign, or a quadrant.

Earth’s celestial orb will be in Aries until 4pm GMT (11am EST).

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova, from MarStars Astrology, believes this aspect brings a more dynamic energy to your morning and early afternoon.

She said: “Expect to be inclined towards taking action as a result of this aspect.

“Maybe take care of your responsibilities which require more energy to achieve.”

Then, as the early afternoon draws to a close, the Moon will move to Taurus.

The MarStars Astrology expert this shift will provide a totally different influence to your horoscope.

She said: “You will be able to relax more due to this Taurus energy.

And avoid working at a frenetic pace on tasks during this time.

The later part of the day is conducive to more precise and slower activities.

This is why advocates of astrology can feel more patient and able to focus on more practical matters.

source: express.co.uk