Flights: ‘Wrong’ and ‘dirty’ – woman urged to throw drink over man after he does this

A woman took to her Instagram account to highlight the “dirty” behaviour of a fellow passenger. The image drew shock from followers, but would you mind?

One asked what the passenger did about the items, to which she replied: “I pushed them down to him yet they kept walking back to my head.”

The original poster expresses their condolences, writing: “So, so very wrong.”

“I bet they stank like blue vein,” another wrote, commenting on the likely smell.

Some left comments suggesting appropriate action the flyer could take.

One was blasted after a passenger posted their “revolting” behaviour. 

As is often the case with these cabins, passengers find themselves in extremely close proximity for lengthy amounts of time, which is perhaps why this incident caused such dismay.

A passenger seated to the left of the guilty party filmed the moment the man made a “disgusting” move.

The man appears to be picking dead skin off his foot with his finger, letting the residuals fall to the ground of the plane.