The new PS5 controller patent has a major PlayStation 4 limitation

A new PlayStation controller patent has been found online and has been linked to Sony’s PS5 console.

But while some new changes can be spotted, there is another much more glaring design inclusion that seems to suggest it won’t be the final PS5 product.

As confirmed by Polygon, a new Sony patent was filed on December 26 for a controller that looks much like the current Dualshock 4.

The main difference is the inclusion of two extra buttons, making for a different design to the one fans are used to.

The new controller patent has been approved for Sony and includes a very similar layout when it comes to face buttons and analog sticks.

The real change being noted is the lack of PlayStation button and the two buttons found on the back of the controller.

These would be programmable so that they serve the role of an existing input, such as the X button.

These would function as extra triggers in many of the designs found online and they could prove useful in the longterm if Sony were to use such a design.

If they did, it would be the first controller made by Sony that offered such a feature, even though other designs exist already in the wild.

And as always, these latest patents need to be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to the reality of them ever being used.

Just because a company files such a design does not mean they will ever be used in a final product.

And the other thing that has been noted from this latest design is the way in which it doesn’t include the all-important USB-C port.

The designs found online show a micro-USB port, which doesn’t match up with what we know so far about the PS5 and its controller.

As confirmed by Wired earlier this year, the PS5 controller uses a USB Type-C connector for charging, while also offering a larger-capacity battery.

So it doesn’t seem very likely that this exact patent will end up being the final design for the PS5 controller.

There’s still plenty of time for Sony to change its final plans and perhaps we could see some kind of hybrid design for the next Dualshock controller.

The PS5 release date has been set for late 2020, with fans expecting an online streaming event to be held earlier in the year to announce the console and all of its features fully.