Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS creates Twitter meltdown after heartbreaking BeBest visit

As part of her initiative, the First Lady, and wife of US President Donald Trump, opened a healing garden at a children’s hospital in Miami. The White House shared pictures and a video of Melania’s visit to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital where she met poorly children. It was captioned with: “One of the pillars of FLOTUS’ BeBest initiative is the wellbeing of children.

“In February, she helped open a healing garden at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami—a prime example of how to nurture, support, and strengthen children who are currently fighting diseases.”

The tweet was met with waves of backlash from Melania’s critics.

Joanne commented on the video: “BeBest is and epic failure.”

Mary Caroll wrote on Twitter: “You can’t be serious. What a joke.”

Mary Richards commented: “Seriously? What a joke!”

Anita Vailonis posted: “How did her stilettos not get stuck in the soil?”

Katherine Fields questioned how close to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate the hospital was.

She posted: “Very skeptical that his is being done for the right reasons!”

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Peter tweeted: “Too bad she doesn’t ‘Be Best’ to the poor border kids locked in cages, we know Melania really doesn’t care!”

Kathy Cox wrote on Twitter: “What about the kids in cages?”

Carol Valle shared: “How about she nurtures and supports the hundreds of children who’ve been ripped away from their families and held like prisoners at the border. Guess those kids don’t count.”

Cynthia Carter posted: “What about the children in camps at our southern border? Be best there, too, Mrs. Trump. Do the important, hard work, too.”

Many suggested Melania should use her campaign at the White House.

One Twitter user posted: “Are we still pretending the First Lady is working this Be Best initiative? BeBest starts at home.”

A second added: “Maybe FLOTUS should start her campaign at home.”

Another posted: “She should start at home, before criticising anyone else.”

Despite the onslaught of criticisms, many revelled in Melania’s work and shared their praise of the First Lady.

Chaska Daisy posted on Twitter: “What you are doing is so loving and your

compassion is sending positive ripples throughout. Thank you. Godspeed.”

Pamela Cantrell shared: “I’m so glad we have such a wonderful First Lady who has a heart of compassion and so elegant.”

One Twitter user posted: “FLOTUS brings class to the White House like no other First Lady before her.”