GTA 6 release date update: Great PlayStation news, Xbox fans won't want to hear this

This alleged leak came courtesy of Russian video game journalist Anton Logvinov who said the PS5 would not launch with a single exclusive game.

Instead, Logvinov claimed, the next PlayStation would have a launch line-up made up of enhanced PS4 titles.

If true then this would have meant that the PS5 wouldn’t have GTA 6 as a timed launch exclusive, which would be music to Xbox fans’ ears.

These claims from Logvinov were certainly eye-catching, but seemed unlikely for one big reason.

In their entire history Sony has never released a console without having an exclusive title for gamers to pick up on day one.

It would be breaking with tradition, and be particularly baffling, if Sony did this with the PS5 and gifted the Xbox such a huge day one advantage.