Ayda Field: ‘I had no idea’ X Factor judge on Robbie Williams secret romp with drug dealer

This Christmas, the star released his 12th studio album since 2016, featuring guest appearances from boxer Tyson Fury, Rod Stewart, Jamie Cullum, Helene Fischer and Bryan Adams.

He said he is now embracing his past and “enjoying his journey” now he has settled down with Ayda and their three children, seven-year-old Theodora, five-year-old Charlton, and their youngest Collette.

And, for the first time in a while the music legend admitted he was “celebrating” being who he is in the spotlight.

Speaking to The Sun, the father-of-three said: “I am celebrating who I am right now and I’m not pretending that I’m someone else,” he said, describing himself as a “guy who likes mainstream stuff”.

source: express.co.uk