Apple iPhone v Galaxy S10 v P30 Pro – One smartphone just embarrassed its rivals

New sales figures have just been released and it shows one very clear winner in the smartphone wars. Counterpoint Research’s Market Pulse has just announced who sold what in Q3 2019 and it appears Apple has come out on top with its iPhone XR beating all of the competition.

According to the latest stats, this 2018 flagship took three percent of the global market which is more than any other device – that’s pretty impressive for a device that’s over a year old.

Samsung came a close second but not with the device many may have been expecting.

Instead of the glory going to the all-new Galaxy S10, the firm’s cheaper Galaxy A10 found itself with a respectable 2.6 percent share whilst Samsung’s A50 secured 1.9 percent of all sales.

Counterpoint says that the strong sales for these new devices came with competing specs and design features, affordable price and Samsung’s strong brand perception which provided an excellent value proposition to consumers.

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Along with the iPhone XR and mid-range Galaxy phones there was good news for Oppo’s A9 which saw a share of 1.9 percent and the new iPhone 11 with 1.6% percent.

Speaking about Apple’s strong sales, Counterpoint’s Varun Mishra said: “The XR alone contributed to over one-quarter of the total Apple sales during the quarter, making it the bestselling model for Apple across all regions.

“Apple also adjusted the price of the iPhone XR in China and several other markets, which helped keep demand strong during the quarter. The iPhone 11 also made its debut in the top 10 within the launch quarter.”

Whilst Apple has enjoyed plenty of success in 2019 with its latest devices some of its rivals may not like what they see in this report.

Two of the world’s biggest smartphone makers won’t find their flagships in the top seven when it comes to sales.

Samsung’s S10 is nowhere to be seen in these recently released figures and Huawei’s P30 only managed to secure 10th place with 1.1 percent of sales.

Things could get even worse for the Chinese company if the US ban remains in place which is stopping them from installing Google’s Android software and apps.

“Huawei P30 featured in the top 10. The device also comes with Google Mobile Services, which makes it relevant for users outside China as well. However, going forward, in the absence of GMS, Huawei devices might slip out of the top 10 models,” Varun Mishra added.

2020 looks set to be another big year for phones with Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei and Sony all looking set to launch new devices including many that will feature 5G technology.

It could be another intense year and time will tell who gets the top spot for sales over the next 12 months.