Why Has Persona 5 Not Appeared On Nintendo Switch?


The fact that Atlus has asked fans via surveys if they would like Persona games on Switch confirms that Sony DOESN’T have the series locked under some sort of deal like I previously thought.


Trails of Cold Steel 3 was just announced for Switch. Ni No Kuni is already on Switch. Yakuza 0 – 2 will be on Xbox in 2020 (which means it will also come to Switch given the Switch’s larger Japanese install base). Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 4 made it to Switch as well. There was also a rumored listing of the Danganronpa Trilogy on Switch.

Basically, any 3rd party Japanese game on a Playstation console that’s capable of running on Switch will inevitably be on Switch. The real question is, whose going to have time to play old ass Persona 5 with SMT5 and that Xenoblade remake coming out?

source: gamezpot.com