Pokemon Sword and Shield news: Pokemon Company apologies for ‘multiple errors’

This is in stark contrast to how reliable and on time trains are in the UK.

The Pokemon Company apology comes after Sword and Shield fans were recently treated to a limited-time Pokedex update.

This saw Delibird get a big Max Raid Battles boost which was only available for a short period of time during the Christmas festivities.

A message from Nintendo said: “Delibird is spreading holiday cheer in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

“For a limited time, you can conduct more Max Raid Battles against Delibird in Pokemon Dens all around the Wild Area.

“The rewards you’ll earn for each Delibird you defeat will be better than usual, with more Ice-type TRs and Exp. Candies among the goodies.

source: express.co.uk