The best videogames of 2019 video – CNET

This is CNet and here are the best games of 2019.
Sure, 2019 might not go down as the best memorable year for gaming, but we did get a handful of titles that turned some heads, especially in the indie department.
The Outer Wilds was an experience unlike any other.
Challenging the player to understand its unique approach at progression with the game essentially resetting every time you died.
The makers of Bloodborne and the Souls game did it once again with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
In it, the player must live and die by the sword and effectively battle a wide range of enemy characters The game is equal parts challenging and rewarding, but has a remarkable way of teaching you to hone your skills along your journey.
And finally, Remedy Entertainment’s control makes our list for the amazing game the world was able to create inside an impossible building in New York City.
Control had such a special vision that was beautifully realized and a compelling story and gameplay to complement the experience.
Now, of course, we can’t list all of our favorite games right here, so for more check out CNET.