GTA 6 release date news: Rockstar Games secretly teases new Grand Theft Auto?

That location is an area called Paradise Isle, and could tie into rumours that parts of GTA 6 will be set in South America.

Alongside a picture of the postcards of Paradise Isle the Redditor wrote: ”Was seeking for GTA VI hints in GTA V story mode.

“Take a look these postals found at Vanilla Unicorn, I Googled ‘Paradise Isle’ and doesn’t exist.

“Rockstar teasing GTA VI locations before release?”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Rockstar Games has done something like this, with pictures of jets from GTA V appearing as a Max Payne 3 Easter Egg.

Responding to the Reddit post one GTA fan wrote: “Looks very Caribbean. Bahamas vibes. Interesting that they would put this here.”