Google Photos could get one more feature before the end of 2019

Google Photos is one of the most important apps you can download, especially on Android. The software provides free unlimited storage of high quality photos and video, meaning you can seamlessly relive your most cherished memories on any device with it installed. And with over 1 billion downloads on the Play Store alone, it’s fair to say the app is certainly one of the most popular in Google’s ever-expanding software fleet, too.

Google Photos has received a bevy of notable upgrades in 2019. This year alone has seen the app treated to a new messaging feature designed to make sharing memories easier, a manual face tagging system and a new gesture that lets you easily switch between Google accounts.

Most recently, the tech firm introduced the ability to apply background bokeh to every image in your Google Photos library… as long as you’re using a Pixel 4.

And now it seems the American tech giant is working to deliver one final Google Photos upgrade before the end of 2019.

XDA Developers recently trawled through the latest version of Google Photos, 4.33, and was able to manually trigger a feature allowing the user to zoom in when viewing videos.

At the moment, Google Photos doesn’t let you zoom in when watching a video in any capacity. This is especially frustrating when a clip doesn’t natively fill the entirety of your smartphone’s display, leaving noticeable black borders on the left and right-hand side.

It seems the Mountain View company is finally working to fix this however. XDA Developers showed off the new feature in action and it works exactly as you’d expect – pinching in and out on a video lets you zoom in and out respectively.

As noted by the outlet, the latest addition is extremely useful if you want to show someone a particular detail within a video without them getting incredibly close to your phone’s display.

At the moment, the ability to zoom in on videos is currently unreleased. However, it’s fully-functioning presence in the latest Google Photos version suggests it may not be far from a full release… before the end of the year perhaps?

With that said, Google has not yet discussed the new feature for Photos and a precise release date is unknown.

However, will update you the moment it debuts for all Google Photos users. So stay tuned!