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Hey everyone, it’s not just the end of another year, it’s the end of an entire decade.
So I thought it would be a good time to go over some stuff you should probably upgrade now that we live in a world where the events of Blade Runner have already happened.
It’s the future people.
The first thing you need to start saving up for phones.
It’s been a while since you upgraded it Is a good time to grab a good pocket computer/ camera/ fort nite machine.
There are ridiculous amount of great songs out there, the pixel 4 is an excellent choice, if you’re all about that pure Android experience and a great camera especially that night site mode, and if you wanna go huge on screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is another really good Android option.
For all you iOS users, I love my iPhone 11 Pro but I have been recommending the iPhone 11 to friends and family who hasn’t updated their iPhone in a while, but also don’t want the high price tag the pro models come with.
It’s a really good phone for most people.
Regardless whether you upgrade your phone or not, if you’ve been carrying around the same pair of wired bulky headphones for years, it might be time to go wireless.
Sony is the winner right now with their WF 1000 XM3 ear buds which just give them a name Sony.
They have excellent sound quality though and all the bells and whistles you want get a pair of new in ears Apple’s air pugs pro are also a good choice in the category with some decent noise cancelling and deep integration if you use an iPhone.
And if you’re willing to wait, you might want to see how much better Google can make the second generation of its Pixel buds, which are due out in early 2020.
Since most new phones are dropping that headphone jack, if you’ve been waiting for to go wireless, it’s probably time.
RIP headphone jacks.
So we’ve talked about phones and ear buds, let’s take a look at your entertainment setup.
Something I’ll definitely be upgrading in 2020, my video gaming consoles.
Both Sony and Microsoft have new hardware on the way Way.
Well Playstation 5 and the next generation Xbox will have some killer features, custom trip sets, ray tracing acceleration, AKTV support.
It’s all there.
They’re also both due around holiday 2020 and the biggest thing that will differentiate them will be exclusive titles.
Microsoft is already touting Halo Infinite as a launch title for its new console.
But I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about those launch titles for both the machines at the next E3 in June.
So if you’re gamer though, start saving now.
It’s gonna be expensive
There’s one item that people tend to hold on to for a really long time and that’s their television sets.
If you’ve been waiting to make the leap there’s never been a better or cheaper time to go 4k.
Maybe you still have a 10ADP HD TV, maybe you’re like me and you bought a standard 4K TV early in the cycle a few years ago Either way you can upgrade now to amazing picture quality for a fraction of the price.
A 65 inch model of LG is B8 series of 4K HDR.
OLED TVs can be found for around 1000 bucks these days, while the TCL6 series is Even cheaper.
A Black Friday and the month before the big game are both great opportunities for even better discounts.
And if you got a little more in your budget, check out LGC nine series of [UNKNOWN] TVs, because that picture quality, amazing.
Lastly, something a little bit different, it’s time to check on your streaming subscription.
It’s been a while since you’ve shopped around for a live TV bundle or you haven’t checked out some of the newer services out there.
It’s time folks.
Both Disney plus and Apple TV plus made their debuts in late 2019.
Plus 2020 is gonna bring three more major streaming platforms to your screens, HBO max.
NBC Universal’s peacock and short-form content startup, Quibi.
That’s even more monthly cash everybody wants you to part with, so check your subs and pare down anything you aren’t using often.
Think of it as a bit of deep cleaning but for your content closet instead of your clothes closet.
Make like Marie Kondo and throw out whatever shows don’t Spark Joy.
I’ll thank you everybody for watching and please tell me what tech you want to upgrade in 2020 down in the comments

source: cnet.com