T.I.’s Daughter, Deyjah Harris, Sends Powerful Message With New Videos On Instagram After Nearly Two-Month Silence Because Of Hymen Scandal

T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris, has finally returned to social media after being absent from Instagram and Twitter for nearly two months because of the hymen scandal.

The controversy first began when the “Whatever You Like” performer appeared on the Ladies Like Us podcast at the beginning of November and claimed he went along with his daughter to her gynecological check-up every year to ensure she was still a virgin.

During the interview, T.I. also proudly stated that 18-year-old Deyjah’s hymen was still intact.

Following the podcast’s episode, the rapper faced an enormous backlash, and a lot of people deemed his parenting style as inappropriate and too demanding.

At the time, Deyjah’s only reaction over the matter was to stop following her father on social media and to approve of negative comments about T.I.’s words.

However, the famous lyricist apparently decided to set things straight. During his appearance on the Red Table Talk show, he justified his earlier words by stating that what he said in the podcast’s episode was just a joke and an exaggeration of the truth.

The rapper finished up by apologizing publicly to his daughter for discussing that intimate topic in the first place because he reportedly did not understand the sensitive nature of matter.

However, it appears that Deyjah has already moved on because she shared two clips on Instagram showing off her new tattoos.

The teenager decided to try something different for her hair as well because she shared footage wearing a bright blue wig.

One tattoo said, “Elevate,” while the other said, “one day at a time.”

One fan replied: “Welcome Back @princess_of_da_south glad your back. I’m glad she turned off her comments on most of her pics. Some of all of you still saying goofy shit, smh.”

This critic wrote: “Girl, just turn ur comments back …”

A third backer stated: “I relate to you because my parents also behave that way. They want to make sure I’m a virgin because of religious reasons. There are also a ton of other pressures my parents put on me. It’s not cool. Live your life, and do you. You are a beautiful girl and should be able to live the way you want.”


Deyjah seems to be a new woman.

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